High-Pressure Auto Pump/Purge Gas Delivery System: Model HP4V

The Precision Flow HP4V is an automated cylinder gas delivery system. The HP4V consists of a high purity four valve high-pressure gas panel, a PLC-based control system, solenoid valves and associated electronics. The plumbing has been designed with low internal volume and minimal dead legs. All wetted surfaces are 316L SS and orbital welded where possible. Field replaceable components are connected using VCR fittings. Cylinder and delivery pressures are displayed on set point gauges, visible through a viewing window on the front of the system. Delivery pressure is user adjustable by means of a single stage tied diaphragm regulator.

The PLC-based control system provides the user with two basic modes of operation - "Online" and"Cylinder Change-Out". The user is prompted through the "Cylinder Change-Out" steps using an LED legend on the front panel. The front panel legend also indicates low pressure conditions based on user selected set points. Two HP4V modules can be connected together using an optional auto crossover cable for use as a true auto crossover system.


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